Information on the workshops (on the afternoons 8 and 9 of April)

Online programme (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2)

Follow our facebook page as well, where we give you more information. Of course, we will also update the webpage.

  • 7 April, Thursday, 10:00-12:00: opening ceremony live stream
  • 8 April, Friday, 8:30-13:00 or 12:30-17:00: Day 1 Exam. Please ask your team leader about the details. 
  • Discord channel: you can talk to the others during the week. On Friday, after the contest, we plan to organize several board games. Details are coming soon.
  • 9 April, Saturday, 8:30-13:00 or 12:30-17:00: Day 2 Exam. Please ask your team leader about the details. 
  • 10 April, Sunday: coordination for leaders and deputy leaders.
  • 10 April, Sunday, Exiquiz for contestants: take a virtual tour (together with your team, if you can meet in person, or online), when the question you get depends on whether you have given the right answer. If not, you will get another question, which might help to solve the first one, but be careful, otherwise you might easily start walking in circles. However, you do not have to worry: good solutions make everything right again. Complete the virtual track and have a great time with friends!
  • 11 April, Monday, 17:15-19:00: closing ceremony live stream