Anett Kocsis and EGMO

In this video, Anett Kocsis, who was an EGMO contestant several times and will be a coordinator this year, shares her experiences about EGMO, her favourite moments and the effect of EGMO on her personal life.

Alessandra Caraceni and EGMO 2022

In this video, Alessandra Caraceni (Italy) speaks about the difference between her first impressions and her later experiences about EGMO, the experience of training younger people in mathematics, and also on the difficulties and joys of organizing EGMO.

Miléna Vankó and EGMO 2022

In this video, Miléna Vankó (Hungary) speaks about her experiences as a contestant, the main goals of EGMO, her hopes about this competition, the way it effected her later studies, and her message to this years’ contestants.

Viviane Kehl and EGMO 2022

In this video, Viviane Kehl (Switzerland), the president of the EGMO Advisory Board talks about the main goals of this contest, her favourite moments during the competition and in maths, and the various effects of EGMO.

Marija Jelić Milutinović and EGMO 2022

In this video, Marija Jelić Milutinović (Serbia), IMO medalist and EGMO team leader talks about her way to mathematics, her current research field, the meeting of combinatorics and geometry, and the best moments of math contests and conferences.