Participation in an EGMO is by invitation only. Each invited country is entitled, subject to available space, to send a team consisting of up to four contestants (the “Contestants”), a Leader, and a Deputy Leader, to be known collectively as the participants (the “Participants”).

A country’s Contestants should normally be citizens or residents of that country, and should be selected through that country’s national Mathematical Olympiad or equivalent selection programme.

If you are interested in the selection process of a country, please check the national Mathematical Olympiad site, or contact the IMO team leader, based on the following list:

The list of EGMO team leaders can be found here:

Contestants must have been born less than twenty years before 1 April in the year of participation at the EGMO. Contestants must have been normally enrolled in full-time primary or secondary education on or after 1 December in the year prior to the EGMO, or, in the case of home-schooled students, must not have received a high-school diploma (or equivalent), and must be working toward such a credential on 1 December.

In special circumstances the EGMO Advisory Board can approve minor deviation from these rules for specific countries on request. Information on deviations must be available to other participating countries.

The pre-registration process of countries will start at the end of October 2021. We will contact last year’s team leaders directly about how to pre-register. The deadline for paying the registration fee (for non-European participants and observers) is 1 March 2022.

More detailed information will be available on the central homepage of EGMO 2022, when the annual regulations will be published.