The registration of the teams is now almost complete, here is the current list of participants. The current version of the programme is also available now. A sightseeing game (treasure hunt) in Eger, and also an interactive visit to Budapest will also be included. We will also have an excursion to Szalajka Valley (see the cover photo), where a game will be organized for the contestants. As for the contestants participating online, they unfortunately cannot visit these places, but they will be able to follow the opening and closing ceremonies, and, hopefully enjoy problem-solving on the days of the contest. We are also updating our facebook page, where you can find more and more information about Hungarian mathematicians, and, also, about former EGMO contestants who share their experiences in short video interviews. We are looking forward to meeting you, either in Eger, or virtually, at EGMO 2022.

Photo: Shutterstock