During the contest, you can use the following: writing and drawing instruments, such as pens, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, a pair of compasses, straight ruler. Please notice that notes, electronic devices, other tools are not allowed.

For participants on site, in Eger:

  • Please do not forget to bring your passport or ID card; the hotel will need it.
  • Contestants under the age of 18: parental consent form signed by both parents is needed.
  • Contestants: please bring a small transparent bag, in which you can put your writing and drawing instruments that they would like to use during the contest – the invigilators will check that they do not take anything else to the contest room than the writing and drawing instruments
  • Clothes and shoes for excursions and outdoor activities
  • Bathing suit, slippers
  • Mask: currently not obligatory, but it can be useful, as covid did not disappear from Hungary, new waves can start any time, and a large number of participants coming from various countries will gather and spend time together indoors 
  • Hotel rooms are comfortable not enormous; it is not worth bringing too much luggage 
  • Food and drink for your travel (dinner on 6 April is 18:00–20:00; if you arrive later, or much sooner, it is worth bringing some food with you) 
  • Spray against ticks might be useful for the excursions 
  • Non-contestant participants: if you did not upload information in the registration system about your vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, please bring a certificate about your vaccination (according to the annual regulations, all non-contestant participants have to be vaccinated).